MacBook Unibody motherboard repair and replacement

MacBook Unibody Motherboard RepairMacBook Unibody laptop motherboard repair and replacement. Is one repair service that is always in great demand. There are many reasons why components on the MacBook Unibody motherboard or even the motherboard itself may fail, the commonest being the ones listed below.

Main causes of logic board repair in MacBook Unibody laptops

ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE – Liquid spillage is a common problem that can cause corrosion damage to the motherboard if not attended to promptly. Dropping a laptop can also damage the motherboard circuits and connections inside it.
DUST – Accumulation of dust inside your MacBook Unibody laptop can also lead to corrosion and physical damage to the motherboard. It is important to have your MacBook Unibody laptop professionally serviced and cleaned annually to avoid costly motherboard repair problems.
POWER JACK PROBLEMS - The power jack can easily break if excessive pressure is applied when plugging in or someone trips over the power lead, A damaged MacBook Unibody power jack will cause intermittent power failure, battery not charging properly and even failure to boot up. We can replace your broken MacBook Unibody power jack quickly and inexpensively.
OVERHEATING – High performance graphics chips are prone to overheating which in time can loosen the connection to the motherboard of your MacBook Unibody laptop. We can fix this by soldering your graphics chip back onto the motherboard.

Why choose Creative IT for MacBook Unibody motherboard repair and replacement

Creative IT offers a fast and efficient MacBook Unibody logic board repair and replacement service at an affordable price.  Many MacBook Unibody laptop users that have a problem with their motherboard are unaware that there is a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire motherboard, namely motherboard component repair.

Creative IT’s motherboard repair and replacement technicians are highly qualified and have been trained to carry out motherboard component repair on your MacBook Unibody laptop. We aim to repair or replace motherboard components whenever possible as it is more cost effective than replacing the entire MacBook Unibody motherboard. All our motherboard repair workshops are equipped with a BGA Reflow workstation so we can fix problems with loose Nvidia, ATI and Intel graphics chips by resoldering them to the motherboard.

Creative IT always has a large stock of replacement parts including MacBook Unibody motherboards so we can often provide a same day laptop motherboard repair and replacement service, though more complicated repairs may take a few days. Our offices in Bermondsey and Victoria provide a walk-in service all day Mon – Sat and no appointment is necessary. We also offer a courier collection service from your home or office, to make our MacBook Unibody motherboard repair and replacement service as convenient and fast as possible.

Contact us for a quick, economical solution to your MacBook Unibody motherboard repair and replacement problems.