MacBook Pro Unibody Broken Screen Replacement

MacBook Pro Unibody Broken Screen Replacement A broken screen is any laptop owner’s worst nightmare but accidents do happen, laptops get dropped or the lid is pressed down when there is an object on the keyboard. The result – a broken screen! The glass screen is probably the most fragile part of your MacBook Pro Unibody laptop and thousands of laptop screens are broken each year because of accidents. If this happens to you, don’t panic. There is a solution.

Broken screen repair – an affordable solution

If their laptop has a broken screen or one that is no longer showing a correct display, a lot of  MacBook Pro Unibody laptop owners think they have to buy a new laptop even if the damaged laptop is a fairly recent model. Many people who have a MacBook Pro Unibody laptop with a broken screen are unaware that there is a much cheaper alternative to buying a new laptop –just replace the broken screen on your MacBook Pro Unibody laptop.

Why professional Apple MacBook Pro Unibody screen repair or replacement makes sense

A word of advice –do not attempt to replace the broken screen yourself unless you are knowledgeable and experienced in laptop repair as mistakes can prove costly. Replacing a broken screen on a apple MacBook Pro Unibody laptop can be tricky. First of all you have to make sure you have the right replacement for your broken screen. There are many different types and sizes of laptop screens on the market so it is not always easy to get the correct replacement for your broken screen. Even if you have the right size screen, it is not certain your new screen will fit. Screens also come in several thicknesses and behind the screen there are different connections. Broken screen replacement is best left to professional laptop screen repair specialists like Creative IT who specialise in repairing MacBook Pro Unibody laptops with a broken screen.
Broken screen problems with MacBook Pro Unibody laptops are not always due to obvious damage like cracks or leakage. If a laptop screen is physically intact but suddenly ceases to display or has a strange display with lines and colours, you don’t necessarily have to replace the whole screen. The problem may be due to the failure of some internal component, usually the inverter which supplies power to the screen. Inverters can be repaired quickly and cheaply. An experienced laptop repair technician would be able to test your MacBook Pro Unibody laptop and diagnose the fault correctly, possibly saving you the cost of a replacement for the broken screen.

Creative IT – we can resolve all your MacBook Pro Unibody laptop broken screen problems

Creative IT specialise in repairing and replacing MacBook Pro Unibody broken screens. Our screen repair technicians are very experienced and provide an excellent service. They are trained to diagnose broken screen problems quickly and offer the most cost effective solution. If the problem is due to a faulty inverter, our technicians can repair  it and  save you the cost of buying a new screen.
A cracked or leaking screen must be replaced but replacing a broken screen is almost always far more cost effective than buying an expensive new laptop. Creative IT always has a large stock of spare parts including replacement screens and inverters for MacBook Pro Unibody laptops. This means that in most cases we can fix a broken screen on same day we receive your laptop. We may even be able to offer a while you wait service if the laptop’s broken screen needs to be fixed urgently. We also offer a courier collection service from your home or office, to make the MacBook Pro Unibody broken screen repair and replacement process as convenient and fast as possible.

For a quick, economical solution to your MacBook Pro Unibody screen problems, it makes sense to use Creative IT. Our offices in Bermondsey and Victoria provide a walk-in service all day Mon – Sat and no appointment is necessary.