HP All In One PC Repair

HP All in one PC RepairGood news for everyone in central London who needs a fast and reliable HP all in one desktop PC repair service. Sony repair specialists Creative IT now has a second branch in Victoria which is fully equipped to carry out HP all in one desktop PC repair on site.

Many of our customers use their HP all in one desktop PC for entertainment as well as computing functions, so if it is not working properly it is important to get it repaired it quickly. If you need an urgent repair, Creative IT will save you time and money as, unlike some other repair centres; we carry out all HP all in one desktop PC repair work on site and do not send computers back to the manufacturer.  Because we keep a large stock of HP spare parts, we are able to complete most repairs on the same day we receive your computer and even offer a while you wait HP all in one desktop PC repair service for basic repairs.

One Stop Shop for HP All in One PC Repairs

Creative IT offers a comprehensive service for all HP all in one desktop PC repairs. Whether you have a cracked screen, graphics card problem, software issues or the dreaded Blue Screen, our technicians can sort it out. Both our workshops in Victoria and Bermondsey are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic software so our technicians can identify faults quickly. They also have all the necessary equipment to carry out every kind of HP all in one desktop PC repair. This includes a BGA Reflow workstation so we can solder loose Nvidia, ATI and Intel graphics chips back onto the motherboard.

Whatever problems you may be experiencing with your HP all in one desktop PC, Creative IT ‘s skilled repair team can restore your computer back to full working order in the shortest possible time. We can help with:

HP All in One PC Hardware Repairs

  • Motherboard repairs at component level including transistors and Reflow work on graphics card
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Detecting and repairing Firmware, Electrical and Mechanical faults in hard drive logic board
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Upgrading all in one PCs with more memory (RAM) and larger hard drives.
  • Replacing damaged screen

HP All in One PC Software Repairs

  • Corrupted operating system
  • Registry file issues
  • Scanning and removing viruses and other infections.
  • Blue screen problems
  • Speeding up slow computers.
  • File transfer, data recovery and backup.

If you need a fast, reliable HP all in one desktop PC repair in London contact Creative IT on 020 7394 2521 or email us at info@victorialaptoprepair.co.uk.

Our Victoria and Bermondsey repair centres are open Monday to Saturday, from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs. You can drop off your Sony all in one desktop PC for repair anytime during opening hours without making an appointment.